We had our 2.5 month old son’s lip and tongue tie done with Dr. Bouwmeester and cannot say enough good things about our experience and the results. We only learned of our son’s ties at a routine appointment for our older daughter when Dr. Bouwmeester took a look in our son’s mouth as well. We are so thankful that he asked us that day to take a look. Our baby, who we thought was just terribly fussy, was not getting the proper latch to feed and in return not getting enough milk to make him happy or as healthy as he could be. We booked our son in for the procedure immediately after and the results have been night and day. Our son is now the happiest little man, sleeps well and is more than content between feedings. The procedure took less than 2 minutes and because they booked our appointment at the end of the day we had the clinic to ourselves to take as much time as we wished following. The whole staff was incredibly patient and understanding with us and encouraged us to take our time as I breastfed our son immediately after the procedure. I consider myself to be a worrisome and protective mother and the care and attention we were given was amazing. We noticed the drastic positive changes in our son in less than 24 hrs. I now know that lip and tongue ties are something that can be checked for in less than a minute and I will encourage every new mother to have their little ones looked at. Our first 2.5 months with our son was incredibly stressful and I hope that by putting the word out there will save other families and babies the suffering. There were days I’d cry because I felt I couldn’t comfort my baby or give him what he needed. My husband and I are so grateful for having Dr. Bouwmeester look at our son and then correcting his ties so that we can now have the happy and healthy baby we have! We truly can’t thank you enough!
— T.D.
I am very pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for treatment that I received from Dr. Kris Bouwmeester.

For many years, I have suffered with headaches. It was very common for me to have a headache 5 out of 7 days a week. As well I also regularly experience migraine headaches. There was never a month that would go by that i did not get one or two migraine headaches. These headaches were so severe, that I would be unable to function normally. They were accompanied by bright shimmers in both eyes to the point that I could not see properly and I also would experience sever nausea.

I had been fitted years previously with a night gaurd to help with tooth clenching problem that i have had for many years. At one of my appointments with dr. Bouwmeester for dental work, I mentioned in passing that I had been experiencing severe headaches, never thinking that a dentist could help with this problem.

He felt that the tooth clenching issue made my headaches worse, and mentioned Neuromodulation Therapy to me. I had never heard of it before, so asked him to explain further. He said that a series of tiny injections would be placed into the muscle s of my jaws and along my hairline where the muscles were extremely tight. He explained how these injections would result in relaxing the muscles and should result in less headaches and tooth clenching.

After my first treatment, I noticed a difference in 4 days. My jaws were noticeably more relaxed. I also noticed a huge change in the frequency of my headaches. Dr. Bouwmeester said that i would be able to tell when the injections were wearing off because my headaches would start coming back, and sure enough, that is exactly what happened. When my headaches started to become a problem and my tooth clenching became noticeable again, I booked another appointment and got the injections done again. Each time, the results last longer since the muscles weaken.

Needless to say, this has been a very positive experience for me. It is unpleasant to live with painful headaches on a daily or weekly basis. Since I have been taking treatments, i have had only a few headaches that I have had to take medication for, but I have not had 1 migraine headache.

I would very highly recommend this procedure to anyone who has an issue with either tooth clenching or headaches. The results for me have been nothing short of amazing! I will definitely continue with my treatments.
— S.F.
Symptoms of tongue/lip tie are clicking when feeding, leakage of milk while eating, gassiness, fussiness, low weight gain, low milk supply and quite a few others... Dr. Bouwmeester a dentist in town does evaluations and he’s very gentle, kind and knowledgeable. He will also do revisions.
— E.S.
I have suffered from migraines for over 20 years, with some lasting as long as five days. On average, I consistently experienced 15 – 20 migraines per year. I have tried many expensive prescription medications that did not always work. I would go to an ER for migraine treatment (as a last option), at least 2 times a year when prescription medications offered no relief.

A friend shared with me the success she had been having with Dr Bouwmeester and Botox treatments for her migraines. I had an assessment done by Dr. Bouwmeester, and he felt I would be a good candidate for Botox treatment and needling. I was impressed with his expertise and passion in pain management. He was very informative and took the time to explain in detail what he felt would be the best treatment for me and why. During my treatments, Dr. Bouwmeester and his staff have been professional , compassionate and always make sure I am comfortable at all times. I have not experienced the discomfort I had initially anticipated I would during any of the treatments. I really appreciate their dedication towards after treatment follow-up, and they have been both accommodating and easy to communicate with any questions or concerns I have had.

Since I received Botox treatment for my migraines 1 year ago, I have not suffered from a migraine, taken any migraine medication or visited an ER. To be migraine free is an amazing, and the success from Botox treatment/needling has exceeded my expectations.

Dr Bouwmeester and the staff at Seymour Dental have been professional and very helpful throughout this experience.

Thank-you to Dr Bouwmeester and his staff at Seymour Dental
— T.W.
Shortly after I turned 40 I woke up one morning with two deep lines on my top lip. I thought to myself what’s going on here, did I spend the entire night with my lips puckered up? To my dismay they did not go away. I tried creams and special lip balms and plumper’s and all sorts of cosmetics to try and ease the lines on my lip. I found myself looking at everyone else’s lips to see how they were eluding the dreadful wrinkle monster.
A dear friend told me that Dr. Bouwmeester was doing Botox . I am not a vain person but the two wrinkles were not helping my new growing frown line on my forehead, these wrinkles like to stick together!
I was worried that it was going to hurt but I believed in the old saying No pain No gain……but In the end it was not bad at all.
I noticed a difference right away. By the end of the first week my skin was smoother and looked more toned, people asked me what was up, my skin looked more bright and
younger. It was definitely worth it.
When I decide to have Botox done I talked to a lot of people about it. In all my conversations I believed that if you were going to have someone put something in you and alter your look that you better have someone that knows how nerves and changes in your face work! Dr. Bouwmeester is fun, enthusiastic and well educated on how your face, teeth and head are affected by Botox, which is why he will be my first choice every day of the week!
— K.L.