Laser Tooth Whitening

  • Faster results
  • Less tooth sensitivity 
  • Brighter smiles

Kids Dentistry (Pedodontics)

  • We treat children in our office.
  • Your child's 1st visit can be as early as 1 day old to check for lip and tongue-tie; if this is not suspected or a concern, then with the eruption of their 1st tooth or their 1st birthday. Early, frequent and positive visits are key to developing a safe dental home for your child.
  • Often laughing gas is recommended for 1st fillings or for the anxious child to keep their dental experiences positive. We want to provide a safe and relaxing environment for them to develop a positive life-long view of dentistry.
  • iPads (and wireless headphones) with Kid's Netfilx are on during the procedures; a wonderful distraction.

Crown & Bridge

  • Porcelain, Ceramic and Gold options available. All are Canadian made.

Implant Restorative

  • Often the best option to replace missing or failing teeth.
  • Dr. B works closely with the specialists that place the dental implants: this insures they are restored smoothly in our office.

White & Silver fillings

  • White composite (tooth coloured fillings) are often patients first choice for their restorations. Although there have been some significant advancements in composite fillings over the last several years, silver amalgam fillings still offer some benefits in certain situations and may be offered as a treatment option.

Root Canals

  • Yes, we offer sedation.

Tooth extractions

  • Both surgical and non-surgical extractions are done in our office. Sedation is always an option.

Preventative Dentistry

  • Regular Hygiene cleanings and counselling:
    - We have very knowledgeable and dedicated dental hygienists who are hear to help you achieve excellent periodontal health.
  • We offer a range of preventive products:
    - Fluoride rinses and varnishes.
    - Non-fluoride options: M.I. Paste, Xylitol rinses, lozenges and gums.
  • New Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatment:
    - can stop and reverse the tooth decay process.