• Dr. Martin Braun (M.D.) - Cosmetic Botox (R) and Therapeutic Migraine Treatment

  • American Academey of Facial Esthetics - Advanced TMD and Orofacial Pain

  • American Academey of Facial Esthetics - Advanced Botox (R) Facial Aesthetics

  • UCLA Orofacial Pain Clinic, Mini-Residency - TMD and Orofacial Pain Disorders.

The treatment process is comprehensive and starts with paperwork for you. A comprehensive intra and extra oral exam follows. After a diagnosis has been made a treatment plan will be developed for you. This may include, stretches, trigger point injections, prescription drugs/creams, Botox injections, oral appliances and Low Level Laser Therapy. Referrals to other disciplines may also be required for complete treatment (e.g. Chiropractor, Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy etc.).

If you are experiencing frequent headaches or facial pain, contact our office for your initial consultation.